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Rabu, 23 November 2011

Disappointed fan threatens to kill Malaysian students

JAKARTA: The Indonesian football team's defeat to Malaysia in the SEA Games football final was a bitter pill to swallow for a fan who decided to send message on his twitter to kill Malaysian students in Indonesia.

The threat was sent through Twitter user @hikmat_maswara to a majority of Twitter accounts belonging to Malaysian artistes after the penalty shootout which determined Malaysia's victory, stating: “Tomorrow I will kill Malaysian student at the University of Padjadjaran”.

Although the account user apologised after receiving much criticism for his words, the National Malaysian Student Association in Indonesia (PKPMI) lodged a report on the matter.

Malaysian Embassy Education Attaché in Jakarta, Ludinata Misnun said, the threatening Twitter post had spread like wildfire in Malaysia.

"After being slammed for his action, @hikmat_maswara posted an apology on Twitter and said he had no intention of killing anyone but felt disappointed with Indonesia's loss to Malaysia in the final," he said.

Ludinata said PKPMI leaders in Bandung had lodged a police report in Jatinangor this morning and police assured that the case would be investigated.

At the same time, Education Malaysia (EM) Indonesia with the cooperation of the Police Attaché and Malaysian Embassy in Jakarta will refer the matter to the Indonesian Police Headquarters for further action.

"I have also contacted the rector of the University of Padjadjaran in Bandung for help and cooperation to ensure the safety of Malaysian students in the institution," he said.

He added that following the case, EM Indonesia has also increased surveillance on Malaysian students in Bandung and throughout Indonesia.

There are currently 1,005 Malaysian students in the University of Padjajaran, which comprises a majority of the 1,148 Malaysian students pursuing their tertiary education in Bandung. - Bernama

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  1. sorry to say: "Mostly Indonesian have no sporting spirit and uncivilised sad for the country to have these kind of citizen whose choose to embarase their own country."


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