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Khamis, 17 Februari 2011

Chelsea investigated for signing 15-yr-old player

Nathan Ake. Pic from

Chelsea are at the centre of a Dutch FA investigation into their controversial swoop for a 15-year-old Feyenoord starlet.
The inquiry centres on the Blues' £670,000 signing of highly-rated youngster Nathan Ake and the role played by agent Dan Kramp of Holland's Forza Fides agency.
The transfer has sparked fury in Holland where strict FA rules outlaw children under 16 from having agents.
But Kramp is accused of taking Ake to Chelsea in the Christmas holidays to seal the deal.
Centre-back Ake, who turns 16 on Friday, even tweeted about 'heading to London,' staying at 'a good hotel in London' and going for his 'first test'.
And SunSport's exclusive photos show Ake meeting Chelsea stars and being given a VIP tour of their Cobham training ground.
It has enraged Dutch Labour MP Tjaeerd Vekken who raised the issue in parliament saying: "This is trading with children and a bad case."
Dutch PFA spokesman Danny Hesp added: "The rules clearly state that agents can't do anything with children under 16.
"Yet this agent turns up with a 15-year-old at Chelsea so the FA has got to tackle this issue."
Now the under-pressure Dutch FA have announced they will be investigating.
A spokesman said "It's a transfer involving a player who is not yet 16 so our integrity unit is going to take a look at it."
A Chelsea spokesman said: "We've kept Feyenoord abreast of our interest from the very beginning and as a result have agreed terms with the club for the player's transfer to Chelsea in July."
Another of Chelsea's signings, David Luiz is still rocking from the the last-minute penalty he conceded on his debut in Monday's 0-0 draw with Fulham.
The £21million new boy from Benfica admitted: "The penalty was an error and it was lucky Fulham did not score from it.
"Carlo Ancelotti congratulated me on my performance but I need to improve. The season here is long but I am determined to celebrate a Chelsea victory next time." -

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