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Jumaat, 18 Februari 2011

Marriage incentive for M'sian lovebirds

By Syed Azhar
The Kelantan Government will give 1,500 poor couples RM1,000 each as an incentive to get married under a scheme to curb illegitimate children and baby-dumping.
State Human Development, Youth and Sports and Non-Governmental Organisation Com-mittee chairman Datuk Abdul Fatah Mahmood said the Azziwaaj Gateway scheme was aimed at encouraging couples to marry.
"The state government is trying to discourage illicit sex and immoral activities,' he explained.
He said the scheme was aimed at reducing the number of illegitimate children and baby-dumping.
Based on statistics from the National Registration Department, a total of 287,000 illegitimate children were born between 2000 and 2008 - at a rate of 250 cases a month.
Kelantan had 700 such cases in the first nine months of 2009

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  1. Yes....its really good news, so guys why not? Can save budget right......


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