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Jumaat, 25 Mac 2011

Finnish police arrest 4 players for match-fixing

HELSINKI (AP): Finnish police says it has arrested four more players in a growing probe into match fixing in a series of top-division football games in the Nordic country last year.
The National Bureau of Investigation says the arrests bring the total number of suspects involved in the case to 12.
Two have been detained, including a Singaporean man arrested last month suspected of bribing the players, while four are still in police custody.
The remaining six players have been freed but have travel restrictions.
The players have had contracts with football clubs Rovaniemen Palloseura and AC Oulu.
AC Oulu Coach Juha Malinen said Thursday that two of the club's players took 50,000 ($71,000) in bribes to influence the outcome in a game between TPS of Turku and FC Oulu.

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