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Rabu, 16 Mac 2011

Mizz Nina scores big

Mizz Nina has officially become the most downloaded English local act as her single What You Waiting For has exceeded the 600,000 figure.
The news was announced today at a press conference and plaque presentation ceremony held at Restoran Seri Melayu, Jalan Conlay, Kuala Lumpur by Mizz Nina's digital distribution label, Digital Trinity Entertainment (DTE) and Maxis Berhad.
"I never thought it would go this far," smiled the vibrant Mizz Nina who continued, "I would like to thank all the radio stations and the media for their support because I wouldn't have achieved this without them."
What You Waiting For featuring Colby O'Donis is a single taken from her solo debut album of the same name which was released in July 2010.
Also present was Rahul Kukreja, director of events for DTE, who said this achievement bodes well for local artists with English material.
"This is the highest number of downloads for a local English song so it's very good news for bands and artistes who perform in English. While it can't compare to some of the Malay language singles whose numbers reach the million range, it's incredible that Mizz Nina's single has achieved this much." said Rahul.
Mizz Nina is currently working on her next single with a release date due in May.
There has been a lot of buzz of late about her new single as rumours have been circling around that either Rihanna or Justin Timberlake will be featured in it.
That proved however, to be just that: rumours.
"Yes, my next single will feature a US artist but it is not Rihanna or Justin Timberlake. I am also not at liberty to reveal who the artist is at the moment until everything has been confirmed," she said.
Besides her music, Mizz Nina is also busy with her wedding which is to take place in July. She is engaged to Noh, the frontman for local rock band, Hujan.
"Things are going pretty well right now. I think I'm about 30 to 40% done in my wedding preparations. I'm looking at samples of my wedding invitation cards right now so please be patient as I'll be sending my wedding invites out soon," she said.
In other unrelated news, Mizz Nina, who was formerly part of the rap group Teh Tarik Crew, will be attending the hip hop convention, New Skool Rules in Rotterdam, Holland with local rap artist Joe Flizzow from April 1 to the 8 and is confirmed as the opening act to the Bruno Mars concert in Kuala Lumpur on April 10.
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  1. huh... best tau tgk mizz nina dgn noh kwen.. kat miri swk... nasib time yu aku keja kat eastwood........ nk bg tau mizz nina.. saya minta maaf byk2 yew sbb time tu aku terpijak kain kahwin mizz mina@mizz noh.........


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