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Sabtu, 28 Mei 2011

Messi and friends to earn 7,000 per minute if they win

Lionel Messi and Co will earn £650,000 each if they win the Champions League for Barcelona - nearly double Manchester United's bonus.
The Catalan giants are set to cough up an estimated £16million for the entire squad should they beat United in a Champions League final for the second time in three years.

It works out at more than £7,000 per minute or £120 for every second on the pitch.
The Nou Camp outfit used to announce the bonuses given to players but have changed practice since new president Sandro Rosell came to office last summer.
But SunSport understands the amount paid out will be almost identical to that of 2009.
When Barca beat United 2-0 in Rome to complete the Treble two years ago, they picked up around £15.5m.
The amount is not evenly spread among the squad members as it is believed World Footballer of the Year Messi and stars like Xavi and Andres Iniesta will pocket well over a million each.
Fringe players will earn around £100,000 should Barcelona lift the European Cup for a fourth time. Wayne Rooney and his team-mates can expect to pick up around £350,000 a man if they beat Barcelona as part of a £9m reward for winning the title and conquering Europe.
Boss Pep Guardiola yesterday led Barcelona's second training session at Arsenal's London Colney headquarters.
Guardiola said: "We cannot waste this opportunity.
"We have to be conscious of the fact that although we have played two finals in the last three years, we could go another 20 years without making it to another."

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