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Selasa, 21 Jun 2011

Lin Dan booed after badminton final walkover

Lin Dan's Li-Ning Singapore Open campaign ended Sunday just like it started - with stomach problems and an anti-climax.

Close to 7,400 fans turned up at the Singapore Indoor Stadium yesterday to see if the tournament's star attraction could win his first title in the island Republic.

But the men's singles final between the reigning Olympic champion and teammate Chen Jin did not take place after the former conceded a walkover owing to stomach flu.

When the crowd heard the news from an announcer, a chorus of boos rang from all four sides of the stadium.

Super Dan, who is currently world No. 2 and had never withdrawn from any final before, then made another unprecedented move: He took to the court with Chen and apologised to fans. In his address in Mandarin - which was interrupted by jeers - Super Dan said he was sorry that he was unable to contest the final and hoped to be back next year.

He then threw three autographed souvenirs into the stands, but it did little to appease the fans who had paid between S$25 (RM58.50) and $50 (RM117) for adult tickets for the final.

Cries of 'Lin Dan, shameful' and 'Don't bother coming back' could be heard as he collected his runner-up prize at the podium.

Source: The Straits Times/ANN

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