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Jumaat, 8 April 2011

It's Chelsea vs the World

John Terry says the whole world is against Chelsea's bid to finally lift the European Cup.

The Blues skipper was fuming after his team were denied a clear-cut penalty during Wednesday's 1-0 home defeat by Manchester United.
It was the latest in a catalogue of controversial decisions to go against the Londoners in the Champions League over the past six years.
And Terry declared: "I told the lads in the dressing room after Wednesday's game that it's us versus everyone else.
"I think that's clear to see from some of the decisions that have gone against us over the last few years.
"We can't expect anything from anyone in this competition and we can't let this stuff get to us.
"I could clearly see from 60 yards away that Ramires got a touch on the ball before he was brought down by Patrice Evra.
"It's not the first time it's happened to us but in any other stadium in the world - Old Trafford, the Nou Camp or the Bernabeu - that's a penalty.

"All the lads have seen it on the TV after the game but we're all walking on eggshells because if we came out and gave an honest opinion we'd be left fearing a ban before the return game next week.
"We're seeing players receiving bans left, right and centre for speaking honestly after games, so all I can say is it was a clear penalty."
Terry's Chelsea team-mate Frank Lampard was equally convinced Spanish ref Alberto Mallenco had called it wrong.
He said: "It was a blatant penalty. I can't believe the ref didn't give it.
"We've had some bad luck in the Champions League over the years but we can't start thinking negative thoughts, so we'll use it to motivate ourselves for the second leg."
Terry is adamant the quarter-final tie is far from over and insists Chelsea can go to Old Trafford next week and book a semi-final spot for the sixth time in eight years.
He said: "We've got one of the strongest squads in Europe and United know we are capable of going to Old Trafford, dominating them and getting a win, as we've done there in previous years." -

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